Get the most out of the zenon redundancy


With zenon version 3.51, released in 1996 COPA-DATA introduced the first version of the highly sophisticated seamless zenon redundancy. This feature is implicitly available with each zenon installation and does not require any additional licensing. For almost 20 years the zenon redundancy has been configurable via an ergonomic one-click configuration and is used in thousands […]

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Managing your meters, providing the values – the Metering Point Administration


Do you want to establish energy data management at your plant? You´re using a mixture of meters with just a display and no I/Os etc. connected to zenon? You want to have an overview of the meters and metering points at your site? zenon´s new Metering Point Administration might be the perfect tool for you. […]

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VIDEO: Break through the limits of your monitor with the Worldview in zenon


Have you already come across the Worldview display in zenon? In this video you will see how the zenon Worldview can change the view of your production plant. You can have an eye on your entire production on just one screen. Zoom and decluttering help you keep an overview. Here you can tailor the displayed […]


IEC 61508: SIL Certification for COPA-DATA

zenon for railway

The most important objective in relation to our intended SIL certification was to amend the structures, processes and requirements that had existed for years at COPA-DATA to the requirements of IEC 61508. The requirements should be implemented in such a way that they can be integrated into our daily working life. In doing so, it […]

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IEC 61508 and the Safety Integrity Level: Relevance for software and component manufacturers


In the previous blog posts we already described the IEC 61508 safety standard and the so called “Safety Integrity Level”: The Safety Integrity Level (SIL) is a system to evaluate the reliability and safety of electric, electronic and programmable electronic systems (E/E/PE systems). It is based on the IEC 61508 standard. COPA-DATA is SIL 2 […]

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How zenon safeguards your mission critical application: The Safety Integrity Level

SIL2 certified

Last time we discussed the necessity of safety and reliability concepts for specific processes. The IEC61508 safety standard uses the so called “Safety Integrity Level” to create a guide for all activities along the lifecycle of a mission critical system. The “Safety Integrity Level” An initial evaluation step is necessary to analyze the possible hazards […]

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How to safeguard your mission critical application, a focus on IEC 61508


Today, many routines and products from our daily lives are based on technology driven processes. Each process demands for control solutions to meet the specific process requirements in the first order. But regardless of the pure fulfillment of these functional requirements there is very often potential for hazards which may arise from the process in […]

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The Pharma Challenges – Focus on Improvements


zenon’s ergonomic automation solutions are about bringing systems together to provide transparency across your facility, with a user-centric interface to the processes around them. This platform provides knowledge of the processes throughout the facility, at all management and operation levels, even direct at the machine level live KPI’s, such as OEE, can be presented for […]

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The Pharma Challenges – The demands and difficulties in pharmaceutical automation


Challenge: About 15 years ago, the emphasis in pharma production was all on validation. Because of that, automation engineers in pharma were really good at paperwork and change procedures. In a lot of cases they never learned how to be true engineers to make their processes run better and find improvement opportunities. In the past, […]

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The Pharma Challenges – Investment value and pharmaceutical automation demands

screen pharma automation

Challenge: Automation in the pharmaceutical industry has more requirements than other manufacturing. Especially requirements concerning safety, quality, and regulatory compliance increase production costs. Indeed, the pharmaceutical industry requires that many key elements come together in each automation action, with strict quality and compliance measures adhered to. Quality isn’t finally designed in to a solution, it […]

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