32- / 64-bit systems – are they compatible, or do I need to use the same technology for all components?

Since zenon Version 7.10, our product has been available in a 32-bit & 64-bit edition. Some might be confused where the difference is or how this effects an application. This blog entry is designed to solve some of these mysteries.

32-64-BitThe setup provides both editions automatically. So there is no add-on or separate edition to purchase or install. The setup automatically recognizes if the computer is a native 32- or 64-bit system and installs either one or both editions of zenon. Or, in other words, on a 64-bit machine the user is free to choose which edition he wants to run. Simply choose the corresponding button in the zenon Startup Tool.

On a 64-bit machine you will now find two installation folders; one for 32-bit components and one for 64-bit components:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\COPA-DATA\zenon 7.10 SP0
  • C:\Program Files\COPA-DATA\zenon 7.10 SP0

The version independent files are compatible with both versions and can still be found within:

  • C:\ProgramData\COPA-DATA\zenon710

The following components in zenon are available in a 64-bit version. The rest, for example the drivers, remain as a 32-bit component, but they are automatically loaded into the 64-bit environment:

  • Editor
  • Runtime
  • Process Gateway
  • Webserver
  • zenon Services

As the two versions are kept completely compatible by COPA-DATA there is not much more a user needs to take care of.

  • It makes no difference if a zenon project is designed in a 32-bit Editor and later opened in the 64-bit Editor (or the other way around).
  • Choose freely between Editor and Runtime. Use your maintenance Laptop based on a 32-bit technology, use the Remote Transport to copy and run the project on a 64-bit based server machine.
  • Also, it is not a problem to have a mixture of both editions in the Runtime. Run the server projects on a 64-bit technology while the still use a 32-bit environment.

So keep it simple, choose the technology that fits your environment best and enjoy zenon!

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