Compatibility in zenon – exploit potential, carry out updates easily and efficiently (part 1)

The highest degree of equipment availability, uninterrupted production processes and maximum productivity are the complex objectives of automotive concerns. Software updates for production equipment are often seen as a possible risk factor that can impair these objectives. However, you are on the safe side with zenon.

Never touch a running system – hardly any rule is quoted in the IT field as frequently as this one. If a system is able to work and run, you should change as little as possible in order to avoid interruption to production, breakdowns or faults.

Risk factor update

Automotive manufacturers are also skeptical of system changes during the lifecycle of their equipment. Our many years of practical experience and many conversations with users have taught us that many companies delay updates as much as possible – often until it is unavoidable. They usually only make exceptions if there are new manufacturing requirements – for example, a product change – or when major updates to the operating system or security updates are necessary.

Unexploited potential for modernization

The withdrawal of support for Windows XP means that a number of automotive manufacturers are facing the challenge of switching their system. This is perceived as a challenge because version changes and updates can hide risks and may cause, for example, equipment failure or interruptions to production. At COPA-DATA we believe an update should be capable of being implemented quickly, reliably and safely. zenon makes this possible. At the same time, companies also have the potential to benefit from the new features and innovations of the HMI/SCADA solution to the full extent

Compatibility in zenon: well thought out, simple, safe

Thanks to the compatibility mechanisms in zenon – which have been a component for many versions – companies can significantly reduce the work involved and the attendant tests and checks. Forward compatibility, backward compatibility and Runtime compatibility take the load off the user considerably. zenon makes it possible to separate the individual steps for updates and also allows the checking of individual steps in ongoing production. The overall system is constantly available thanks to the redundancy in zenon.

In my next entry you can read about a practical example, involving a conveyor system that benefits from zenon’s compatibility.


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