Disk Space Handling in zenon – FAQs Part 2

Can zenon monitor the hard disk space?

There are a few methodologies that can be used with zenon to monitor the hard disk utilization. One method would include configuring the Windows OS SNMP Agent and using the zenon SNMP driver to read hard disk data in the form of process variables. Another alternative would be to use the zenon Programming Interfaces and the Microsoft .NET Framework to obtain management information via WMI.

However, the most straightforward method is to use the zenon System Driver Variables. Every zenon project has an internal driver available called the System Driver. The system driver has a wide collection of predefined variables that easily allow system-related information to be accessed by zenon Runtime and the HMI/SCADA system. Particularly of interest are the following System Driver Variables, available in the system driver variable topic -> Hardware resources (click table to enlarge):

Disc Space Handling System Driver Variables
In addition to these system variables the system driver offers other variables that may be useful in your project such as: CPU Usage %, Hostname, Servername, Total Alarm Count, Unack Alarm Count, Network Timeout, Total Received Packets, Total Sent Packets, etc. The system driver variables do not count towards your licensed zenon variables.

How can I see the free disk space in zenon Runtime?

After the system driver variable for Free disk space – database (%) is added to the project, the variable is free to use throughout the system.

It is good practice in a zenon project to create a “system information” screen to provide users with system-specific information on a dedicated screen. It would, of course, be wise to also display the system variable Free disk space – database (%) within this screen in the usual numerical value screen element, along with a text description. Then users can open this screen at any time and have a look at the real-time percentage of free disk space on the partition in which the zenon Runtime Folder is located.

Note: The “system information” screen is especially useful on systems where the user is locked out from the Operating System, the Runtime starts in full screen mode, or systems using the zenon Keyblock tool.


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