Energy data management with a certain something – Reports from the cloud

If you have decided to introduce an EDMS, you have several possibilities for implementation. EDMS is generally set up locally and embedded into the existing IT infrastructure. Here there will be one-time investment costs in hardware and software, and the ongoing support must be guaranteed. The advantage of this solution is that you have it all in your hands, although the centralization, the cost of investment and the administrative expenses can be disadvantageous, at least initially. Alternatively, you can move parts of the EDMS to the cloud and thus minimize the investment costs and the ongoing support work.


Why use Cloud Services?

The cloud offers some interesting benefits that make moving an energy data management system to the cloud interesting for companies of any size. The advantages are both financial and organizational:

  • Low, one-time investment costs
  • Location-independent EDMS
  • Quick and simple availability

And: it is the ideal solution if you are looking for a system that you can expand flexibly according to your needs. If, for example, production is distributed over several sites, then it does not matter where the energy manager is based. Integration is not significantly different from a local installation. You can implement the cloud solution flexibly, because both zenon and zenon Analyzer offer secure connections to Microsoft Azure. The following scenarios are possible:

  • Data in the cloud; zenon Analyzer local
  • zenon Analyzer in the cloud; data local
  • Both data and zenon Analyzer in the cloud

These three scenarios will be described in more detail in next week’s blog post.

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