Ergonomics of Sustainability, Innovation and Continuous Integration (Part 1)


zenon_product_version_connectivityThe goal of zenon is to give you the best tool, a tool on the latest technical level, for you to be able to get a head start in offering exciting automation solutions to your customers. Speed, flexibility, motivation and sustainability matter.

At COPA-DATA we talk about the ergonomics of sustainability, innovation and continuous integration:

  1. To secure your investments done so far in a project
  2. To let you and your customers benefit from new product features and improvements at an early stage
  3. To allow an easy update process of your zenon system with lowest downtime for step 2 to be possible quickly, even in existing and running systems.

With zenon this is an easy process where you only have to focus on your core competence and the project and not so much on the application you created it with.

To excite your customers is the highest goal to reach and can be the crucial advantage to your competitors. For you to be able to excite your customer with new features and offer this even for systems already running the above-mentioned points are compulsory and are areas which zenon can offer solutions for.

In terms of our product zenon we talk about:

  1. Conversion
  2. Improvement with newly developed features
  3. Easy upgrade process for a continuous integration

With zenon your investments are safe and no matter what version of the product you started with first, you are anytime able to convert it to the very latest zenon version. This is an important point in order for you to be able to improve your existing projects with the newest developments and features currently available on the market, without the need to recreate anything again.

Point 1 and 2 is presumably well known to you, Point 3 is probably not so common. This is why we are going to focus in a series of blog articles to address it in order to bring the possibilities to your attention.

System changes during the lifecycle of the production equipment are very unpopular, upgrades are often delayed as much as possible, mostly till they are unavoidable. But this hinders you also from improving the whole system by letting it benefit from recent developments and new features.

One reason is often that this creates a long or undefinable downtime of the production. We at COPA-DATA believe that an upgrade can be done quickly, reliably and safely. This blog series will outline how this can be accomplished on a zenon system with the shortest downtime.

The key word is Compatibility.

COPA-DATA has invested significantly in features and functionality built into zenon, to provide engineers and end users with the highest amount of true compatibility options.

You can find the most important functionalities described in the Online help:

  • Editor Compatibility:
    F1 -> Manual -> Editor -> Compatibility
  • Runtime Compatibility:
    F1 -> Manual -> Runtime -> Runtime files -> Compatibility Runtime files
  • Runtime files:
    F1 -> Manual -> Runtime -> runtime files

These already published blog articles also address the compatibility features:

In this series of blog articles I would like to outline this procedure in more detail and explain the technical background.

In the next blog post I am going to deal with the conversion process.

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