Batch Control integrates with SCADA and reporting

Production is getting more complex, with greater demands on its practices. High levels of technology increase flexibility, enabling any facility to be more reactive to demands and initiatives, whether from business, quality, or engineering.

Integral functionality opens doors

We have talked previously about how zenon Batch Control separates the machine logic control and the high level process control; this releases the ultimate in flexibility when coupled with zenon’s native communication and vertical integration.

There is one other piece to this puzzle – zenon’s integral functionality allows such high levels of technology to be used in any facility as an integrated solution, with all the control structure needed: Process control, Equipment logic, Communication, Historian, SQL, Reporting, User Administration, SAP connectivity. To those who are in the know, this is clearly our Product Family, where the batch module fits in seamlessly.

And this is where we can grow another thread. Batch control is seen as a high level process function, relying on a top heavy infrastructure; and with zenon this can be true. But what can also be true is to use the batch as a standalone system, bring the ultimate in automation flexibility to all levels of control; machines, production lines, and skids can benefit with a fully equipped control structure set at the relevant process level – including Reporting, Historian, Audit-trail, Alarm analysis, Trend analysis, SQL, User Administration, SAP connectivity in one system.


Optimal process structures put the control where the decisions need to be made, batch control introduces flexibility, and ergonomics marries zenon to unique environments.


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