How zenon safeguards your mission critical application: The Safety Integrity Level

Last time we discussed the necessity of safety and reliability concepts for specific processes. The IEC61508 safety standard uses the so called “Safety Integrity Level” to create a guide for all activities along the lifecycle of a mission critical system.

The “Safety Integrity Level”

An initial evaluation step is necessary to analyze the possible hazards and risks stemming from processes. The possible dangers for people, the environment and material assets are closely investigated. This leads to the so called “Safety Integrity Level” (SIL), which determines “the relative level of risk reduction” to be attained development-wise.

In other words, the SIL determines how to shape the development process in order to reasonably attain a respective risk coverage. Appropriate counter measures may affect both the technical implementation as well as all the related development and verification steps. Based on the given SIL level, specific demands regarding management processes, failure analysis, quality control or validation and verification techniques have to be fulfilled. The higher the SIL level, the higher the demands. In the end, the identified risks have to be appropriately refined and effectively controlled.


Preparatory steps in safety relevant applications

zenon in mission critical applications

zenon has proven its reliability in various applications. zenon provides means to attain highest reliability in mission critical 24/7 operations – just think of redundancy, topology, user management, alarming, audit-trail and editing history, access limitation, load management, data validation or zenon´s superior security features.

On top of that, COPA-DATA is certified according to IEC61508/SIL2. TÜV SÜD Rail GmbH confirms COPA-DATA’s ability to develop software components for zenon according to the high development quality criteria of the safety standard.


Functional safety is a vital topic which requires a stable and reliable system backbone, also on the HMI/SCADA level. With zenon you are well prepared to achieve the requirements you need, not just reliably, but also safely.


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