HTML5 visualization with the zenon Web Server – Licensing

Which license is required for the HTML Web Engine?

A Web Server Pro or Web Server is required for the HTML Web Engine.

Production Process Overview (HTML)

Production Process Overview (HTML Web Engine)

From zenon version 7.50 on, the zenon Web Server can provide visualization as an HTML5-compliant web page. HTML5-compatible web browsers are thereby always in a position to process and display visualization content; regardless of the type of device or operating system.

The HTML Web Engine, which is included in the zenon Editor checks the licensing of the zenon Web Server. The functionality of the HTML Web Engine is adapted based on the licensed Web Server versions as follows:

Web Server Version:

Only read access to the visualization. The HTML Web Client can be used as a viewer.

Web Server Pro Version:

Full access to the visualization, read and write.

NB: the number of simultaneous client connections given by the Microsoft IIS is limited. If there is no license, the HTML Web Engine is started in a time-limited demo mode. Once the demo period and the demo extension has expired, the HTML web engine can be started in demo mode again.

Does the HTML Web Engine run under “Web Server Pro Light”?

No, the HTML Web Engine doesn’t run unter Web Server Pro Light.


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