Interfacing with SQL Servers with zenon – Introduction

SQL DatabaseIn zenon, there are a number of ways to interface with SQL Servers. The exact requirements and goals will dictate which method is most advantageous for the user. It is also possible to use any combination of these options.

In all cases, COPA-DATA verifies compatibility with the currently released version of Microsoft SQL Server. Although it should be technically possible to use any SQL database, we cannot provide detailed information or support on the large number of SQL server manufacturers on the market. However, COPA-DATA will always support you to the best of our abilities and knowledge. If you are considering a non-Microsoft SQL Server, we suggest contacting your local COPA-DATA support representative for more information.

In my upcoming blog series the following topics will be described:

  1. Historian SQL Server Interface
  2. Process Gateway – SQL Online
  3. SQL Export
  4. SQL Driver
  5. zenon Analyzer


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