Interfacing with SQL Servers with zenon – zenon Analyzer

zenon AnalyzerThe zenon Analyzer is a standalone product which provides dynamic production reporting.

Use Case

The zenon Analyzer compiles historical data and online data from any desired source, from the automation infrastructure through to IT, into meaningful reports. The interactive report configuration, with drill-down and drill-through competence, as well as the export of reports into Office formats makes it easier to carry out individual adaptations and implement automatic dispatch.

zenon Analyzer supports benchmarking and quality control and allows the analysis of historical data to identify improvement potential. The clear display of key figures and KPIs such as OEE and reports on production efficiency, consumption management, downtime analyses etc. help to optimize production and contribute to a rapid return on investment.

How it Works

The system works with both centralized databases such as Microsoft SQL, as well as retrieving data directly from distributed production equipment, thus collecting online and offline data. In the latter case, no additional database is needed. Manual data input is also possible.

Both data structure and interfaces are well documented, enabling you to more easily integrate your own customer-defined features. The latest encryption technology ensures the highest level of data security.

A wizard to import meta data into zenon Analyzer is included. Meta data can also be automatically updated through the wizard. Integrated connectors collect the necessary data. zenon Analyzer generates reports from many different types of data e.g. Alarm, shift-related, user-related, historical, real-time, batch. The advantage to you: a reduction in complexity, as only one system needs to be installed rather than needing multiple systems to acquire and convert these different types of data.

zenon Analyzer has a web-based interface. This means that no additional maintenance of clients is needed and no revalidation of the existing environment is necessary. This is particularly helpful for heavily regulated industries such as Food & Beverage or Pharmaceutical. The users have flexible access to reports from any workplace in the network.


The zenon Analyzer is licensed separately from the zenon Operator and zenon Supervisor. Please contact your local COPA-DATA Sales Representative for additional licensing information.

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