Interfacing with SQL Servers with zenon – zenon SQL Driver

SQL DriverThe zenon SQL driver can interact with a SQL database via ODBC, as if the SQL database were a PLC itself. This driver requires the tables to be created and formatted in a specific way, but if properly configured will allow zenon to read and write to tags defined in the SQL database.

Use Case

zenon is able to read data from the pre-defined table, placed there e.g. by third party applications, and assign this data to PLC variables. Effectively reading data from a table in a database of a SQL server and writing that data to PLC variables using any of the many direct PLC drivers that come with zenon.

How it Works

The zenon SQL driver (sqldrv.exe) is a polling-based driver that can communicate with specially defined send and receive tables in an SQL database. COPA-DATA also offers SQL queries to create the needed tables, columns, and assign the appropriate data types for them.

The designed use-case for this driver needs a separate table for sending and receiving values. If these values need to be used in different applications or in different tables, a periodically executed stored procedure has to be created to transform the data into different formats and/or to transfer them into different tables.


This module must be licensed in the zenon Editor as well as the zenon Runtime. If this is a network project, it is only required to license this driver on the runtime server(s) which will actually communicate with the SQL database.

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