Interfacing with SQL Servers with zenon – zenon SQL Export Module

SQL Export ModuleThe zenon SQL Export Module is an optional module of the zenon Editor/Runtime which allows Archive data, Alarm data, and Event data to be exported to an SQL Database. This is different to the Historian SQL Server Interface in the fact that it is only a one directional export. The exported data cannot be read back into zenon.

Use Case

This module can be useful if it is only necessary to export zenon historical data, alarm data, or event data to an SQL database.

How it Works

There are pre-defined zenon functions available to define the SQL Server, database, and tables to use for the SQL Export. zenon can automatically create the tables & columns needed in the SQL Server.
This data can be exported on demand (e.g. mouse click), on an event (e.g. a bool goes true), or automatically according to a set schedule (e.g. every day at 12:00 a.m.).


This module must be licensed in the zenon Editor as well as the zenon runtime. If this is a network project, it is possible to only license this module on the runtime server(s).


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