Interfacing with SQL Servers with zenon – zenon Supervisor Process Gateway – SQL Online

Process Gateway SQL OnlineThe zenon Process Gateway is an optional module of the zenon Supervisor Editor/Runtime and operates in parallel to the zenon Runtime. The Process Gateway – SQL Online module will use a table in an SQL Server database to hold the current timestamps, value, and status of any zenon variables in a predefined format.

Use Case

The zenon Process Gateway in general is used to provide online values of tags, derived from the many zenon drivers to any external systems or applications in a common format. Therefore, the SQL Online module of the Process Gateway allows all current values of zenon variables to be shared with applications which are able to read from a SQL Database.

How it Works

The zenon Process Gateway – SQL Online is configured with an OLE-DB connection to the SQL server database. Additionally, there is a dialog which allows the user to choose the individual zenon variables to be exposed. Therefore, it is possible to expose only desired variables in the SQL table.

Finally, the user must only configure the refresh rate to determine how frequently zenon updates the SQL table with the current values. zenon automatically creates the proper tables and columns needed.

Once properly configured and running, the following information will be automatically updated (e.g. every 1 second) in the SQL table:

  • Variable ID
  • Variable Value (Strings)
  • Variable Value (Float)
  • Timestamp Second
  • Timestamp Millisecond
  • Status


The zenon Process Gateway – SQL Online must be licensed on systems with the zenon runtime.

It is a common and recommended practice for the zenon process Gateway to be configured and running directly on the runtime server(s). However, it is also capable of running on a normal runtime client.


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