“Life is Time, and Time is Gold” (Part 3): Paper on Glass

Paper on Glass’ transforms a paper-based production system into something quite remarkable. Without change to any production equipment, automating the operator and production reporting means post-batch analysis is reduced to an absolute minimum; releasing stock to market weeks in advance of older paper-based systems. Quality is optimized and risk is mitigated as production flows are consistent between batches, execution is strict, no information is missing from the record, and errors in recording information are as far as humanly possible eliminated. Business management is happy on many fronts as costs are avoided, no paper needs to be generated, and there are no mountains of paper to store in secure locations. Instant batch analysis means instant revenue, production activities are aligned in real time to the gravity of business.

Visibility is more than knowing what is happening now. At all levels, across functions, people know what the processes are doing, they know the choices they can make when it matters, they know what is next in the OPEX initiative and, importantly, they know how they have made a difference.

The wind of change is now to your advantage: leverage technology to gain strength, remove the blindfold and realize optimum performance. Sail your own destiny!

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