Managing your meters, providing the values – the Metering Point Administration

MeteringPointAdministrationDo you want to establish energy data management at your plant? You´re using a mixture of meters with just a display and no I/Os etc. connected to zenon? You want to have an overview of the meters and metering points at your site? zenon´s new Metering Point Administration might be the perfect tool for you.

The Metering Point Administration allows you to maintain a list of metering points and meters, stored in an SQL database. You are provided with all the required properties (type, manufacturer, serial number, equipment model, etc.) to easily group the list as you wish and find what you are looking for. By using the same database structure as the Industrial Maintenance Manager (IMM) you can even define maintenance tasks for your meters.

Every metering point provides values to zenon. Absolute values read from the metering points (automatically or manually) can be converted into relative values and be automatically stored in archives. This conversion considers the exchange of meters which would normally lead to negative relative values and thus to incorrect reports. If, for whatever reason, there are still incorrect values in the archives, the metering point administration offers a convenient way to modify them. The archives filled by the Metering Point Administration work perfectly with the zenon Analyzer to provide all different kinds reports, including OEE and EDMS reports.

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