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Automated Engineering with zenon. part 3: automating with XML and ideas for practical use

Automate with XML There are now four possibilities for editing variables in the zenon Editor: Import via a driver: For example, Siemens S7 TIA portal, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, OPC UA and many more. Export/import in dBase format: An old format that can still be used by Excel and Access. Export/import in CSV (comma-separated text file): This […]

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Automated Engineering with zenon. part 2: When do you use automated engineering?

Creating a program for automated engineering yourself is time consuming and requires specialist knowledge. You should thus first always ask yourself the question: manual or automated? Reasons for choosing automation are as follows: Repeated tasks: For example, creating the same users, variables, functions etc. for each new machine Information is already available in digital form: […]

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Automated Engineering with zenon. part 1: introduction

Automated engineering allows projects to be created partly or fully automatically. Depending on the application, this can happen by means of setting parameters in already existing wizards and tools, such as for the import/export possibilities of zenon Editor. Alternatively, however, zenon is controlled using scripts and macros or an external program, for which programming knowledge […]

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