Reaching ISO 50001 with zenon. Part 2: Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis

What the International Standard requires:

One section of the ISO 50001 Standard relates mostly to the technical requirements to measuring, monitoring and analyzing relevant energy uses. Relevant variables must be recorded (sampled) at planned intervals and compared to planned energy performance and performance objectives. Although this part of the energy management definition is one of the most specific ones, it shall be assumed that it is also one of the most demanding ones. Typically, a variety of different automation systems and measurement equipment as well as other IT-systems are relevant for energy monitoring. Manual data input will most likely be necessary in order to complement the information base. A respective energy management platform shall allow for a seamless integration of all relevant inputs. Furthermore, current standings as well as statistics have to be made available to the relevant people or archived for later investigations and audits.

How zenon supports the fulfillment of these requirements:

  • zenon comes with more than 300 protocols of proprietary and standard industrial networks and field-busses. Hence, without any further development effort zenon can be hooked up to a variety of industrial control systems, sensors and actuators. Through the support of proprietary communication protocols, zenon can be integrated in a “non-intrusive” manner. Solely reading from existing installations means that the existing automation environment and control programs don´t have to be adapted. This allows for fast implementation and an immediate indication on the validity of improvement steps taken. Moreover development, debugging and commissioning costs can be reduced drastically.
  • Values can be visualized and monitored in flexible ways. zenon Logic offers possibilities to define control and monitoring programs in IEC 61131-3. Each event of data alteration or received commands from other stations or simply time based events can be used to trigger respective actions. Automatic alarming is integrated into zenon as well as the possibility of logging each user interaction. Respective lists (alarm lists, event lists etc.) can be filtered as well as exported into universal text based formats (XML) for use in other applications.
  • Monitoring, Measurement, Analysiszenon offers a variety of functions for advanced visual design. This allows for a meaningful display of the process status and statistics based on historic and real-time data. With the advanced networking capabilities of zenon, visualization clients can be flexibly arranged within all levels of the facility.


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    Great site. Cheers for posting. Totally agree with what you said. Energy management is the current trend now. Businesses should be more exposed to these technologies and how it can help them reduce overhead and increase profits.

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