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Secure operation with command sequencer

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

The zenon Energy Edition provides highly sophisticated features and functionality not only in substation automation projects but also for conventional or renewable power generation like hydro power plants or wind farms. Common to all these applications is the requirement to operate the environment in a highly secure manner.

In almost all electrical applications there are specific communication protocols like IEC61850, IEC60870 or DNP3 with features like “select before operate” or “select and execute”. Therefore the zenon Energy Edition provides a command processing module to handle all the communication-related issues, it is enhanced with user-defined interlockings, system-calculated interlockings based on the topology of the electrical grid, one- and two-step actions and much more.

Command Sequencer Interlocking_EN

Most of the time an operation is more than a single command. It is often a combination of different switching actions in a defined order, e.g. switching between busbars or the grounding of a feeder. In order to simplify such operations COPA-DATA has provided the Command Sequencer since zenon version 7.20. In a command sequence, the operator is able to graphically arrange all command actions necessary to fulfill a complete operation. The range of possible command sequences ranges from a single sequential procedure up to complex sequences and parallel execution. Once configured, the operator uses the command sequence instead of single command actions for operation. Using the Command Sequencer is the ergonomic way to ensure secure operation; the operator is not able to execute single command actions in the wrong order.

The Command Sequencer uses the pre-existing, well-established command processing, so there is no need for a second or parallel definition of command actions. All interlockings, two-step actions and other settings are the same for manual execution and sequential execution. As a result, it is also easy to extend existing projects with the Command Sequencer.