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Improved handling of scripts in zenon 7.20

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

With the current zenon version, we continued to make working with scripts easier and more efficient. The first change you might notice regards the script-functions “Script: execute” and “Script: select online”. The previous dialog was replaced by a new selection dialog – which should be more familiar to you as it is used commonly throughout zenon. It offers you all the functionalities to search for a script, see what is inside the script, modify the script and even create a new script on the fly. This already saves a lot of time during engineering but as you know, there is always one more thing …

The new script selection dialog

Up until zenon 7.11 working with scripts was done the long way around: You had to go to the Scripts-node of the project, create a new script and configure it, switch to the Functions-node, create a “Script: Execute”-function; find your script again, etc. Then finally link the new function to e.g. a button to actually use it in the Runtime.
7.20 makes your life a lot easier now: On all places in zenon, where you can link a function (except at a script of course), you now have the possibility to directly select a script instead of searching the “Script: execute” function. The enhanced function selection dialog offers you the additional editing possibilities of our new script selection dialog. But it gets even better: instead of having to do the legwork and searching a matching “Script: execute” function (or create a new one) this is automatically done for you in the background.
Linking multiple functions at e.g. a button just got way easier.

The enhanced function selection dialog

The enhanced function selection dialog