The Ergonomic Food & Beverage Factory – Application Engineering: cost-effective flexibility

FNB_Packaging_Line_OverviewThe automation and IT infrastructure of an ergonomic factory cannot remain “untouched” by the demands of the dynamic food & beverage market as well as internal improvement cycles, such as the Plan-Do-Check-Act. An energy data management system, for instance, needs to be adapted quickly to the realities of the plant: new equipment, new meters for various media (electricity, water, compressed air etc.). The energy manager and his colleagues can continually raise the requirements at different levels of the system. How to better involve the operator through local EnPIs? Which new analysis should be implemented through new energy reports? Which supplementary correlations between production and consumption indicators are needed?

A system which is the subject of such frequent changes should be, of course, based on a technology which is strongly built on principles such as: modularity, open communication in all directions, easy networking, extensibility scalability, and reusability. These characteristics are at the heart of zenon´s specialties, empowering the system integrator when using the zenon development environment. As a result, automation and IT specialists cannot fail to assure an always up-to-date and functional work environment for production people. In the ergonomic factory, reliable and secure systems can be integrated and maintained even under time pressure, and with far less stress.

zenon makes high technology available for easy and fast integration, through a standard and internationally-used software package. The result is that increased flexibility is no longer associated with constrictive business dependencies and high costs. The ergonomic factory is always ready to adapt to dynamic market requirements and is always in a leading position.

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