The Ergonomic Food & Beverage Factory – Continuous improvement: dominating complexity

EDMS with zenonIn the food & beverage industry the efforts towards top performance are mainly based on the continuous improvement of the processes, for instance in the context of standards such as ISO 22000 and ISO 50001. Industry dynamism brings much variability in product design, packaging, process or production equipment. However, the plant managers, production supervisors, brew masters, packaging managers or process specialists are challenged to constantly keep alive the appetite for sustainable business, better performance and reduced costs.

How does zenon make the way to high performance easier? zenon´s core competencies are covering the complete information flow across the ergonomic factory. Valuable and complete visualization and analysis is possible only if data is collected from every relevant source. The time saved with less manual data input can be invested in optimization initiatives. Robust and fast data communication is the decisive base for real-time automatic calculation of key performance indicators such as OEE and Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI). Production teams with clear insight on current results can react quickly in order to ameliorate process issues. They are in control and confident with their decisions.

zenon offers much more. The archived plant production data is subject to further analysis to highlight improvement potential. Filter mechanisms and top-down interaction approaches ensure an always clearly contextualized focus on management information. Performance indicators aggregated in reports help to identify improvement measures. Where can we further improve the costs per mineral water bottle? What are the most important performance losses in our packaging area and how do we deal with them? Production management faces many such questions.

zenon processes the necessary amount of data in order to deliver business-relevant answers. In an ergonomics-based approach, this support for optimization has to be available any time for every involved team member, no matter where. PCs, panels, mobile devices or smartphones – all can become an access point to the plant optimization software tools, due to zenon’s software technologies such as Client-Server, Web Server, Message Control and zenon Everywhere.

The ergonomic factory doesn’t keep secrets from managers and production supervisors. Through openness and flexibility, zenon reduces routine work, encourages creativity in respect to improvement methodologies and secures a successful path towards top performance.

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