The Everywhere App by zenon – FAQs (Part 1)

Everywhere App by zenon

What is the Everywhere App?

The Everywhere App is a zenon “app” for smartphones with iOS (iPhone) or Windows Phone.
Smartphones with Android or Blackberry are currently not supported.

What can I do with the Everywhere App?

The Everywhere App allows smartphone users to display selected alarms and selected values from their zenon Runtime project with a live update, in graphical displays on their smartphones. For safety reasons, changing values or acknowledging alarms is not possible from the Everywhere App or through the Everywhere Server.

Where can I get the Everywhere App and what does it cost?

You can download the Everywhere App for free on your smartphone from the iTunes Store or from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Simply search for “Everywhere App” and look for the logo with the zenon “z”.

What is the Everywhere Server and where do I get it?

The Everywhere Server is a small application to which the Everywhere App connects to retrieve the data that is displayed. The Everywhere Server application comes pre-installed with the current zenon version SP0 and is an optional module for a zenon Runtime on a PC (Windows CE not supported) that requires a license.
Get in contact with your local sales representative to find out more about the pricing and licensing options for the Everywhere Server.

What else do I need in order to use the Everywhere App for my projects?

Apart from the Everywhere App on your Windows Phone or iPhone, you need a PC with an up-to-date zenon SP0 Runtime and your zenon project(s). On this PC the Everywhere Server must be licensed and running. In the workspace for your project, you need a global project with equipment model groups and subgroups which are offered to the smartphone user as categories to choose from. At the lowest level of the equipment model groups, you link the variables from your project that the smartphone user should be able to select for alarms and display of data.


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