The secret weapon for business intelligence and Big Data Applications

straton is a flexible and powerful IEC 61131-3 environment. Many hardware manufacturers and system integrators rely on it to engineer great automation solutions and equipment. It is not a secret that straton shows off its strong points particularly in combination with zenon. What is not so obvious, however, is that straton is an excellent tool for Business Intelligence and Big Data applications. This blog entry will show you how excellent.

straton and zenon – Power Play for Business intelligence

Business Intelligence Solutions depend on having the right data available. As a basis for reliable analyses this data needs to be correct, complete and consistent. In industrial and infrastructure environments, this data originates on the sensor level. Through PLC systems this data can be communicated onwards through SCADA or gateway levels to finally end up in an archive or a database. When stored properly the data is retrievable and available for business intelligence tools (like zenon Analyzer) or for Big Data applications.

extended data sets for Big data applications

Traditional Big Data applications most often look at data sets ranging from ERP, CRM, Web 2.0 and market data to generate relevant insights. Including data sets from manufacturing and infrastructure (e.g. electrical grids, water supply and transportation) can substantially increase the power of Big Data analyses.

real-time data for real-time decisions?

When a PLC engineer and a C-level executive talk about real-time data they often have completely different things in mind. In the world of PLCs, the most common unit in this context is milliseconds. For a manager, ‘real time’ can mean having data from last week’s production available within a few days. How can we match these two mindsets and deliver real-time data about production and infrastructure to Business Intelligence levels? With straton and zenon you can easily realize architectures which allow you to obtain data from sensors at high speed. In practice, this means you can have critical information at the IT tier within seconds after it originated on the sensor.

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