Use HTML5 technology with zenon: What works and what doesn’t?

Line_State_DesktopHTML5 puts information onto the screen – modern and platform-independent. From the user perspective, completely uncomplicated and in the familiar environment; on their own mobile phone or tablet for example. Retrieving process information and enabling selective interaction – the HTML5 visualization is also integrated into zenon according to this principle.

Dynamic HTML5 content can be generated directly from a zenon project. You simply select the screens that should be available in the web. This is how informative dashboards and process overviews are created in no time at all. In doing so, the process operation behind this is based on proven zenon engineering and runtime technology. First, familiar properties and tools for the visualization design in the zenon Editor are used. Second, the productive process is reliably portrayed in native zenon technology. The whole range of visualization access can be used flexibly: native zenon Client, native zenon Web Client, zenon Terminal Server, Everywhere Server by zenon.

HTML5 visualization acts, to a certain extent, as an “add-on” for your equipment. This makes you feel at ease – not just when it comes to any necessary browser updates or any connection bottlenecks. This is how you pull the strings when configuring projects and operating your machines and equipment, while benefiting from the use of a simple HTML5 front end for easy access to visualization.


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