Video: Paper on Glass and Electronic Batch Reports

Paper on Glass’ is a very simple concept, with one main aim – to replace paper batch records with a mobile device. Pharma production is getting more and more complex. Watch this video to see how mobile devices powered with zenon reduce post batch analysis time and increase Right First Time (RFT).

The problem with paper

Paper is used a lot in pharmaceutical production environments; it drives the operator through the production sequence and records critical processes. It forms the base to prove each batch is of high quality and compliant to the regulations. But today’s Pharma production is becoming more and more complex, and in parallel the international regulations are increasing their demands.  Paper also needs to be printed and stored in secure environments for long periods of time. Using paper to drive production in Pharma, is like standing outside in a storm ripping up $100 bills:

  • Paper is manually intensive and RFT is less than 50% when using paper to drive production.
  • ⅔ of rejects are down to simple human failings: Missing entries and incorrect entries.
  • Collation of production data and analysis takes 15 to 40 days post batch

Paper on Glass: Putting automation in the hands of the operator

Using a batch engine gives you a consistent sequence in production, with clear instructions and safety information. Information is recorded from the operator directly into the historian. Missing entries are eliminated, and incorrect entries are also eliminated as far as possible. The collation of data is automatic and complete, batch recording and analysis documentation is instantly available.

Validation efficiency

No change to equipment or processes is needed. Production is being produced on exactly the same equipment, using the same workflow, with the same documentation.

Video: Paper on Glass and Electronic Batch Reports with zenon

Take a look at this Video to increase RFT, quality, and production efficiency with ‘Paper on Glass’.

In this video, you will see:

  • How to change your workflow without changing equipment or processes
  • Example applications in zenon
  • Batch Reporting possibilities

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