Why zenon is world champion in compatibility

We at COPA-DATA put great emphasis on the issue of compatibility. For us, compatibility is a key characteristic of an ergonomic software solution. That’s why we are on the way to becoming world champion in compatibility.

Compatibility is a great topic, in any sense – that’s why we think ten pillars are necessary to support the concept:

  1. Editor Compatibility:
    Imagine, your projects are already 10 years old and want to convert them to current versions. With zenon – no problem at all! You can convert your projects directly without intermediate steps.
  2. Backward Compatibility:
    Keep your old Runtime systems and profit from the latest engineering technology. With zenon you can always use the latest version of the Editor for efficient engineering and just compile the Runtime data for the older Runtime system.
  3. Runtime Compatibility:
    You can use cutting edge technology for your visualization network, independent of the variety of versions you use. Just update your servers to the latest version and keep your Clients untouched. zenon ensures that everything runs smoothly.
    Furthermore, with zenon you don’t have to worry about losing data from older versions – because zenon’s data compatibility allows data from older versions to be displayed.
  4. Import/Export Compatibility:
    Data files can be generated in an older version older versions but used in a new version.
  5. Product and Engineering Compatibility:
    When using an ergonomic software like zenon, ergonomic engineering is also a major topic. Screens and data can be generated with one tool for all devices. Regardless of whether you want to see the screen on Windows Client, CE Terminal or Web Client.
  6. Operating System Compatibility:
    You can rely on trouble-free operation with any Windows operating system. There is no need for you to spend time on it in the engineering phase.
  7. Technology Compatibility:
    You can use your PC resources without changing the applications – no matter if 32-bit or 64-bit architecture.
  8. Hardware Compatibility:
    It’s your free choice, which devices you use – whether you need to use zenon on Panel, PC, PLC or Tablet – we have the right solution. Also, screen solution is not a problem at all. Adjustments can be made easily.
  9. Network Compatibility:
    You can plan IPV6 network structures in order to be prepared for future requirements.
  10. API Compatibility:
    Individual adaptations, ActiveX Controls, wpf controls, .Net controls can be created once and reused in newer versions.

Further benefits:

In addition to all the benefits previously mentioned for project engineering, the high level of compatibility has three further advantages. Firstly, it means high level of security on investment. Secondly, engineering costs can be kept low. And thirdly, the maintenance efforts are reduced by comprehensive connectivity.


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