zenon 7.10 and native Windows 8 Multi-Touch features – Part 3

zenon_general_Alarmlist-w-HandLast time we went through the native Multi-Touch capabilities in zenon 7.10 for

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dynamic elements and the screens. This time we will focus on the new Multi-Touch features in the Alarm Message List, Chronological Event List, Extended Trend Module and the new touch-optimized time filter controls.

Alarm Message List / Chronological Event List

One main goal was to make

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our most important lists – the Alarm Message List and the Chronological Event List – Multi-Touch capable. You now can navigate and interact in the list directly with your fingers, making extra buttons for navigation etc. unnecessary.

The Reactions for Manipulation (allowing scrolling horizontally and/or vertically) are configurable as well as the reactions for “tap” and “double tap”:

  • no reaction
  • selection (tap only)
  • execute zenon function
  • acknowledge alarm (double tap only)
  • execute alarm function (double tap only)
  • open help for alarm (double tap only)
  • start/stop list

    (double tap only)

For the Chronological Event List the same possibilities are available for navigating the list and for “tapping”, just as in the Alarm Message List.

Extended Trend Module

The Extended Trend Module now offers the possibility to natively zoom and scroll and set the reactions for “double tap” and “tap and hold”:

  • no reaction
  • execute zenon function
  • zoom to 100% (double tap only; also available as button now)
  • step back (double tap only)

Time Filter

Another goal was to make our time filters more touch-friendly. New controls are now available for the Time Filter, Alarm Message List Filter and Chronological Event List Filter screens, which are highly configurable in terms of Multi-Touch as well as graphically, e.g. with line height.

My next entry will include the options for customized zenon Multi-Touch implementations in VSTA.


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