zenon 7.10 and Windows 8 Multi-Touch features


Multi TouchMulti-Touch integration in zenon has already been in use since version 7.00. Other than some native features like zooming and scrolling in a worldview picture, doing anything else with Multi-Touch has been pretty cumbersome for the engineers. In this series we focus on the new Multi-Touch concepts of Windows 8 and how these were integrated in our latest product – zenon 7.10. We will start with a quick overview of the concepts of Microsoft for Windows 8, followed by an overview of the Multi-Touch features integrated natively into zenon 7.10. The last blog entry will focus on custom Multi-Touch implementations with VSTA.

Natural User Interfaces

Multi-Touch and Natural User Interfaces follow the key concept of directly manipulating an object. Windows 8 defines manipulation for scrolling or zooming a part of the application either by dragging the fingers across the screen or by pinching or stretching the fingers to zoom in and out. A gesture is defined as an interaction which causes some reaction from an UI element. During the implementation of Windows 8 Multi-Touch for zenon 7.10 we focused on easing the configuration of Multi-Touch. The

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engineer doesn’t have to worry about how to recognize a gesture anymore; he just configures the reaction he desires, e.g. executing any zenon function by double-tapping a screen – making it easy to set parameters instead

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of programming. Next time we will have a look at our new native Multi-Touch features in zenon 7.10.

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