zenon 7.10 and Windows 8 Multi-Touch – Programming in VSTA – Part 2

WP_000608In our previous blog entry we talked about the possibilities of custom Multi-Touch programming in VSTA with the help of the zenon API. We focused on the raw WM_Pointer messages. This time we will have a look at gestures in VSTA.

Gestures in VSTA

There is the same pre-filtering concept for gesture events as for the raw touch events. At each dynamic zenon element (e.g. a button) and on each screen, you can select the gestures you are interested in (more specifically, you are configuring an Interaction Context, which processes the raw touch events in the background and searches the gestures you selected).

In VSTA you can react on these events by using

  • ElementGesture
  • PictureGesture
void DynPics_PictureGesture(zenOn.IDynPicture obDynPicture, object interactionContextOutput)
string CelString = string.Format(“VSTA: {0} on {1} “,
System.Reflection.MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().Name, obDynPicture.Name);

More detailed information about the contents of the interactionContextOutput-object can be found in the MSDN documentation.

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