zenon Analyzer – Viewing reports on mobile devices. Part 2: Microsoft Surface Tablet (with Windows RT)

zenon Analyzer on Windows SurfaceFrom the SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1) onwards, Reporting Services support viewing and basic interactivity of reports on Microsoft Surface devices.

The Analyzer Manager is supported; you can simply open the report by using the Analyzer Manager. Browse the directory in Analyzer Manager, and then tap the report name to open the report.


As you have no gesture for mouseover you cannot enter the sub-menus in the “Tile View” of the Analyzer Manager (for example in order to rename or move a report)

Reports from e-mail

Using an e-mail that is created by a subscription, tap the URL of the report. The report will open in the browser.

Exporting a Report

Exports as an XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, Excel, TIFF or Word are possible.


The reports work perfectly with a Microsoft Surface device.


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