zenon Analyzer – Viewing reports on mobile devices. Part 3: Galaxy Tab or Smart Phone (from Android version 4.1.2 and upwards)

The Android OS is NOT officially supported by the reporting services. However it operates with similar restrictions to those of IOS devices.

The Analyzer Manager (http://<computername>/Reports_ZA2) does not function and cannot be used to view reports. Instead, you can contact the Report Server directly by entering the Web Service URL (http://<computername>/ReportServer_ZA2).

The picture you see is like this:


In this web page you can browse through the folders and open various reports, but again there are some restrictions:

As we have modified the existing filters in the Analyzer Manager (e.g. the Date/Time filter) and developed some new filters (e.g. Equipment model), you can use these filters with full functionality, but with reduced usability and inferior graphical representation. Only the look & feel of the filters provided by the reporting services are still available.



In this example you can see 2 filters which deviate from our regular standard:

  • The time span filter is only a text-box. You have to enter the filter conditions textually
  • The Equipment group filter is a flat list. You cannot see the structure of the equipment model(s)


The reports function work, but are different to operate. The results shown on the screen are equivalent to the reports shown in Internet Explorer 11, for example.

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