zenon Batch Control – let’s go!

Batch_Control_ScreenWelcome to the first blog entry on zenon’s ‘Batch Control’ module. Let us get the feeling of the next generation of automation, and see how batch control fits in zenon, and where zenon fits in batch control.

Flexible process control

One principal entity of the ISA 88 compliant batch control is that the process engineering and the equipment automation is kept separate. Having equipment control blocks (called phases) which can be flexibly placed, moved and modified in the process flow; opens up the equipment to a multitude of process combinations and thereby enables a wide selection of product possibilities.

The equipment control links the hardware together and controls this collection of hardware to obtain a certain state. For example, in a reactor there are temperature, pressure, and agitation control loops. The PLC knows which hardware is used and how to control the equipment to obtain a certain temperature, pressure or agitation speed.

The Batch Control module then uses ‘Recipes’ to describe the production control, and choose where in relation with other equipment in the process, these control loops are used. Each phase includes parameters which defines how the equipment will control this loop, and when the phase has completed with the ‘Phase done condition’

The Batch Control module is fully integrated into the zenon Supervisor SCADA software; here the full complement of functionality, flexibility and possibilities are available. More importantly it makes use of the extensive communication possibilities, where any equipment hardware can be connected and tightly controlled – whether standalone or distributed solutions are needed, from ERP to sensor.

Conclusion –
Continuous improvement in compliance with ISA 88

The Batch Control module and zenon’s mature functionality bring process automation to life, adding the dimension of flexibility and continuous improvement to distributed or standalone solutions.

My next entry will be about communication and connectivity in zenon’s Batch Control module.


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