zenon Product Lifecycle – Transparent Advantage

The new zenon product lifecycle! Advantages through more efficiency, transparency, predictability, as well as the reliability of an even more ergonomic and stable product.

In a highly technical environment the demands placed upon a standard software such as zenon are rapidly changing and cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. We have reacted to this, reworked our zenon release process and will henceforth bring new versions to the market in shorter cycles. With shorter development cycles it is possible for us to promptly react to key market changes. We can therefore offer new functionalities more quickly and our customers can profit from possibilities that were unheard of a year before.

The regularity offered by the new development cycle also allowed us to optimize internal processes. This, in turn, led to an increase in efficiency and ultimately to even more ergonomics and stability.
Furthermore, dependable and sustainable functionalities allow our customers to react in their market more rapidly.  “Time to market” is, and is increasingly becoming, a deciding factor.

Transparency as the mother of reliability has been a credo which we have been committed to for many years.  An example in the Support & Service Site found on our website, where we also now offer a section, Security Vulnerabilities.

As far as the zenon product was concerned it was our goal to clearly inform our customers from the launch of a product right up until the end of a product lifecycle.
It is very important for our customers to know which lifecycles are covered in a zenon version.

The following questions are therefore asked again and again:

  • When is the next zenon version expected?
  • How long is a zenon version valid?
  • How long are zenon versions supported?
  • How long are zenon versions serviced?

All these questions can be answered at a glance and in transparent form by means of the product lifecycle, available for our customers online, on the product page (you can also find the Release and Support Cycle for the zenon Analyzer online)

We are all subject to appointments, from offer to acceptance date, as well as the date for the celebration for successful implementation – this should also be part of the planning from the beginning. An overview regarding availability of a product, the support, as well as the maintenance, allows you to gain improved management of your IT investment, as well simplifying your IT planning.

It is therefore very important to be able to count on a reliable partner and a premium product. It is only a reliable partner and a premium product that enable each of us to be in a position to make solid decisions and plans. Predictability allows you to be more efficient and thereby reliable to your customers. A partnership with COPA-DATA and the zenon Product Family as the basis for your success – this is our declared goal. The product lifecycle has not only created a great deal more transparency, but has also improved our internal efficiency. You too can profit from this!


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